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Privacy Policy

The Learning About Multimedia Project, Inc. ("The LAMP") is an educational organization focused on teaching students and adults the importance of media literacy. To facilitate this mission, The LAMP allows but does not require users of this Web site to create profiles that may or may not include personal information such as your name, photograph, or other information chosen by you in your sole discretion. You may delete your profile or personal information at any time, and The LAMP does not use such personal information for any purpose other than contacting our Web site users. Any personal information shared on The LAMP’s Web site is not shared with any third parties by The LAMP except for other users of the Web site that have access to the information. This Web site is designed for use only by students ages fourteen (14) and older. By using this Web site, you acknowledge that you are fourteen (14) or older unless your parent or educational institution has consented to your use of this Web site in compliance with the relevant provisions of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

In the event that any person using this Web site is thirteen years old or younger, The LAMP shall only collect personal information offered by that user within the context of a closed portion of the Web site not accessible to users who are not within the same educational section of the Web site (the "Studio"). Users within the same Studio may view personal information uploaded by their classmates in that Studio, but each user and each educational institution that has created a closed Studio shall have the right and ability to modify or delete such personal information at any time. The LAMP shall not use personal information from any user under the age of fourteen (14) for any purpose but may contact that user’s educational supervisor or teacher to provide information to such users.